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            Recently on the news all I have been seeing is protesters protesting about the FCAT. Chants are continuous with comments that their kids aren't allowed to graduate or move on to the next grade level. What these angry students and parents fail to mention is that fact that not only did they fail this test once, but 6 times. I for one am against standardized tests like the SAT which includes difficult vocabulary and puzzling analogies. The FCAT, on the other hand includes basic reading and mathematic problems. I find it very sad that students, especially in the 12th grade cannot pass this test after the second try. How can these students expect to excel in college when they cannot answer these simple problems? There aren't excuses to fail this test. Teachers all over Florida prepare us months in advanced for it & most schools have separate classes just for FCAT practice. Instead of taking their failing of the FCAT as a warning, protestors and their parents are planning a boycott of Florida's tourism, citrus and sugar industries until Bush stops using the FCAT as an indicator for students to graduate. Not only is that the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard of but it is also showing kids that it's OK to not know how to solve basic mathematic problems and answer basic reading comprehension. Parents should be helping their kids with the FCAT instead of helping them get into college without an elementary level of academics. The FCAT also allows a school to be graded using the test scores of the students. By doing this, the state of Florida can see which schools need more funds in providing their students with courses and special teachers to help students pass. I for one am for the FCAT because students today are the future for this country, and I am probably not the only one who wants a country full of people who don't know how to read and comprehend. So when your kid wants to become a lawyer, what's next? Are you going to threaten to boycott the United States if they don't eliminate the LSATS? To put this into perspective, thousands of kids aren't going to graduate because of the FCAT.

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