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A Rose for Emily

            Without the daily interaction with people throughout our lives, life would seem very abnormal and somewhat empty. It is through these interactions in which we use and develop the art of communication. If one does not practice communication to the fullest, then that person has no method in which to express his or her feelings and emotions. This causes the emotions to be "bottled up" inside with nowhere to go. Without a way to set these bottled up emotions free, they remain inside; and this causes them to continuously run through the mind, causing the individual to ultimately shy away from the world and the other people in it. The person gradually begins living a life of loneliness. An example of such a person is the character, Emily Grierson, from William Faulkner's short story, A Rose for Emily. Through Emily's actions as well as the actions and dialogue of her fellow townspeople, Faulkner presents her to be stubborn, self-consumed, and proud. .
             Throughout the first section of the story, it is hard for the reader not to think of Emily as stubborn. In the opening paragraph, Faulkner even describes the house Emily lives in as stubborn by saying that it is the only house left in that particular neighborhood. The first interaction we see Emily have with anyone is when some men from town came to discuss with her the fact that she had not paid her taxes. For years she had not been obligated to do so, by the grace of a former mayor, Colonel Sartoris, but the reader learns that he has been dead for the past ten years. This newer generation of officials; however, has no knowledge of the arrangement. Emily, not willing letting go of the fact that she does not have taxes in the town, tells the men directly that she has no obligation. They attempt to convince her and get her to understand the situation, but it is no use. This incident shows the reader, right off, that she has a stubborn personality.

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