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Greek Myth Paper

            This is a story line for a soap opera based on the myths of the Orestia. The characters include, Alex, a wealthy businessman who lives on the east coast with his family and is a prominent member of society. Alex travels for extended periods of time on occasion for business reasons. His wife, Katherine, is an active mother and is well known in the community. She mainly takes care of the home. They have three children Rick, Jenny, and Erica. Rick is out of high school and is away at college on the west coast. Since leaving home at odds with his parents about his college choice and other things he has been very out of touch and rarely communicates with anyone from home. Jenny is in junior high. Erica is in high school. Other characters include Adam who becomes involved with Katherine while Alex is away. Also, Cassie who becomes acquainted with Alex while he is away on business. Finally Dr. Calchas who is one of Alex's country club friends.
             The opening scene will be of Rick in class and working to get ahead as his semester comes to an end. The next scene is in their home town of Springfield. Alex is home for a few days. He is running a couple of errands and picking Jenny up from school. Jenny is late getting out and her father is anxious to return home because he is expecting an important phone call. In his haste to get back Alex runs a red light. As his car goes through the intersection it is hit in the passenger side by a truck. Following the accident Jenny and Alex are taken to the hospital by ambulance. In this scene we see Alex conscious with some minor injuries and Jenny unconscious and barely hanging on to life. Next Katherine and Erica are seen in the waiting room at the hospital. As they sit and wait Dr. Calchas approaches them. They stand up as he becomes near. The doctor explains that there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is of course that Alex has only minor injuries and the bad news is that Jenny is in critical condition and may not make it through the night.

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