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Humanities Paper

            The writings of Herodotus and Thucydides at times can be seen as similar, but with different intentions. These two contemporary writers tell their stories or histories in this case for different reasons. In some of their writings they tell the story of war. Herodotus gives us insight on the war with Persia. Thucydides gives us an idea of what the Peloponnesian was like. Both wrote so the events that occurred during their time would not be forgotten. These two men seem to have set the foundations for historians in the future. Their documentation of events and their investigations laid the ground work of why and how historians should get involved with digging up facts from the past.
             Herodotus believed in studying events so they would not be forgotten. It seems that he had a deep sense of pride in his Athenian heritage. His work tends to glorify the work of Greece and its countrymen. His work also was meant to be a source of entertainment rather than historical findings. His glorification of Greece and its heroic people leaves his work to be suspect of whether or not his intentions were to teach future generations what Greece was like and events that may have occurred to help shape modern day Greece. .
             It is hard to tell if that was his intention at .
             all, because in his writings Herodotus introduces many myths. It also seems that Herodotus's work depended a lot on mythology. The myths could lead a modern day historian to believe that maybe his intent was merely a ploy to entertain the citizens of Greece. It is also very apparent that he glorifies Athenians with heroism and downplays its counterparts the Persians. .
             Historians today also use mythology to try and build up an event or people that may seem to be heroic and to try and instill that image in their minds. Take the Alamo in San Antonio for example. There are many myths that have taken place or been introduced that would make a person question the truth.

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