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The Displaced Person

            Throughout a person's life, every experience and encounter with others has a huge impact on who that person becomes, as well as how that person's life is changed along the way. In the short story "The Displaced Person" by Flannery O"Connor, a man named Mr. Guizac comes from Poland with his family to work on Mrs. McIntyre's farm and just his presence impacts the lives of all the people that are at the farm. When Mr. Guizac arrives, he is referred to as the Displaced Person because he comes from a camp in Poland and isn't in his own country. Ironically, he does not seem displaced at McIntyre's farm at all; in fact, he makes the other characters like Mr. and Mrs. Shortley, Astor, Sulk, and even Mrs. McIntyre herself feel displaced simply through his hard work and existence there.
             Mr. and Mrs. Shortley are already out of place at Mrs. McIntyre's farm because, unlike all the other workers, they are not black and are not considered white trash. This is confirmed when Mrs. McIntyre is talking to Mrs. Shortly about people stealing and the author comments, "Mrs. Shortley could listen to this with composure because she knew that if Mrs. McIntyre had considered her trash, they couldn't have talked about trashy people together" (208). This displaced feeling really comes out when Mr. Guizac arrives at the farm. He is a very hard-working individual with a great array of skills. For example, he is able to do all sorts of repairs and handle all of the different machinery. Not only that, but according to O"Connor, he is "thrifty and energetic" (206) as well. On the contrary to all of these qualities is Mr. Shortley. He is slower and works less efficiently than Mr. Guizac. Mr. Shortley also smokes often which is something that Mrs. McIntyre despises. On top of everything else, he has a second job in which he uses Mrs. McIntyre's land to make whiskey. This extra time that he spends on whiskey makes him very exhausted and only exaggerates his bad work ethics.

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