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Intersection Accidents

             Although who wants to hear about driving, everyone knows the rules." Well those idiot drivers are people just like you who made a mistake. What you need to know is how to avoid this growing problem.
             What do most drivers see an intersection as? Most drivers see an intersection as two roads where a traffic light controls each road or two roads where a stop sign controls both roads. A more useful definition of an intersection is an area where two vehicles can possibly cross. This means in and out of parking lots, inside parking lots, in and out of driveways, and in residential areas without any control devices. A good example is the stop sign in your neighborhood that you blew this morning to make it through the intersection quicker. It takes a minimum of two vehicles to have an intersection accident. Let's look at the causes to these intersection accidents.
             One type of intersection accident occurs with a traffic light. For example consider you are the driver with the green light. There is a building which blocks your vision on the right, and it is difficult to see if any traffic is coming. You would normally continue to drive through since you have the green light. Upon entering the intersection you see a car which is not slowing down. It is too late for you to stop and the other car broadsides your vehicle. These things happen, and because of it, you should change your perception of the green light to be just like a flashing caution light. This will then make you look left and right briefly to make sure a car isn"t going to blow a red light. In those sticky situations when you"re just not sure, slow down. You"ll appreciate it when you save your life, or at least your car. But let's say you"re in a hurry to get somewhere. .
             Being in a hurry, and failure to judge the speed of the other driver causes another intersection accident that happens often. You are approaching a stop sign and running late for work.

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