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Position paper

             The tobacco deal plans deals with a report of the National Conference of State Legislature on how state legislators will spend the money from tobacco settlement in the United States (US). Estimate value of the settlement received by Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Texas: Action taken by the state hospital associations; Ways by which.
             US states will manage the money from the settlement.
             I agree with the state legislators in considering spending their tobacco settlement monies on health care and the prevention on tobacco use. As it is, approximately thirty seven percent of students in the middle schools smoke. Male students in middle schools that consume inhale tobacco or chew tobacco reach up to approximately twenty five percent. Children under eighteen become new consumers and everyday smokers. Children exposed to passive smoke in their own homes is approximately 15,5 millions. The amount of cigarette boxes consumed by children each year in the United States is nine hundred million, producing wages of $1,5 billion for the cigarette companies. The amount of adults in the United States that smoke equals to twenty four point seven percent. .
             I believe all that money should be invested and used for hospitals and funding existing programs for the uninsured. There are many people out there that have no income and are suffering from different types of diseases, among all those, cigarette smoke diseases. Unfortunately, as the Tobacco Deal article says, half the states have failed to enact any legislation allocating their settlement money and the states that had enacted legislation tended to set broad guidelines that would need more legislative guidance, according to the report. I also agree that many states should put their money on biomedical researches and fund state children's health insurance programs. There should be more states putting their monies in providing pharmaceutical assistance.

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