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Gun Control

             The opinions of our laws on gun control have been widely debated throughout America's history. In recent days, the issue of gun control has become a more common priority that many towns across the nation are hoping to resolve. This may be a result of the violent nature of our society or the simple fact that there are more guns on today's streets than ever before. Many people believe that guns only bring death and crime to communities, but there are some towns that are given the opportunity to grow because of guns. Yes, guns can bring crime but they can also provide the funds to help children to learn right from wrong. I believe that when proper regulations for gun sales are followed and safety courses are required, the good will outweigh the bad.
             Maple Plains is a small community with simple people. We are not a wealthy town nor are we an attraction for tourists. This annual gun show is what takes the place of those other beneficiaries. It supports the funds for Maple Plains to have the youth programs and provide new equipment for our police department. Many of the things that the funds go toward contribute to saving lives. With the money, our police department can buy bulletproof vests to keep our officers safe. The money is used to provide better training to make faster emergency services possible. With these funds our police force .
             can stay ahead of the criminals and provide the latest methods of emergency services. These services have saved one hundred percent more lives over the years than we have lost to guns. At the present time there is no other way for our town to bring in the adequate funds to make these programs survive. The good that these programs are bringing can not be outweighed by a single incident, plus there is no way the programs can survive without the gun sales.
             These programs are not the only things that need to be saved. Our town needs new ways to grow.

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