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             At the symphony I went to I heard a piece by Aaron Copland. The song was a very soothing and relaxing piece. When I was lessoning to the song, I pictured myself watching a beginning of a movie of a couple guys in the old days hoping into there Model-T and going fishing on a winding calm river in the early morning. When the song began half of the orchestra was playing this was when I was imagining one of the guys sitting in a char on his front porch with coffee in one hand and a pipe in the other watching the sun rise. Behind him leaning up against the house is his fishing pole with his tackle box. The music piece is still crescendo and but more of the orchestra comes in and that is when the car comes pulling up into the driveway and the guy hopes up from his char, grabs is fishing gear and throws it into the car. The music stays at the same pace at moderato and I picture the Model-T car driving down an old red dirt road in Montana along a winding river. During this time the guys in the car are sharing stories about each other and what they have accomplished and also looking at the wild life. Then the music picks up from moderato to vivo and the whole orchestra jumps in and everyone is playing now. This is when they are driving up a hill and you can't see over the top of it but you know that they are getting close to where they are supposed to be. Then they brake over the hill and they see the spot where they are going to fish and at this point this is the point where the music is at the loudest its going to be. Then it jumps back down from vivo to moderato with only half of the orchestra playing again. This is when the guys get out of the car grab there fishing gear and start to fish. That is what I saw and heard in that song that was written by Aaron Copland. .

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