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Stella in a Streetcar Named Desire

            Have you ever said "This is my last cigarette" or "I"m going to start my diet for sure next week"? Then, not even one week later you find some excuse to justify not sticking by your earlier declarations. What could be worse than having to backpedal on doing what you know you should do? The answer is a person like Blanche. A person who reminds you of those little habits and bad traits that you have, that you could do something about, but just haven't gotten to it yet. No one wants a constant audible reminder of all of their flaws and Stella was no different. As a result, it is my view that Stella allowed her sister Blanche to be committed to avoid having the truth of her living circumstances exposed. I can hear voices raised in protest. Stella that poor woman, had no voice, no choices in how Stanley handled things. Stanley the brut was mean and Stella was only a silent observer. However, It is my view that Stella wasn't helpless or powerless and never afraid. Her power was passive but no less result driven and her eyes were wide open to what kind of relationship she was in with Stanley. .
             Does Stella have a voice? And does that voice have any influence with Stanley? The answers to both of those questions are a resounding YES. Stella has a voice and pull with Stanley and her weapon of choice is the oldest one, sex. .
             (32) She [ Stella] jumps up and kisses him. I"m taking Blanche to Galatoire's .and you"d better give me [Stella] some money.
             First Stella starts this out with a kiss to lull Stanley into doing what she wants. She then follows it up by telling not asking but telling Stanley that she is taking her sister out and that he"d better give her some money. These are the words of a woman who is only telling her husband as a formality and not asking permission . The play also doesn't depict her as asking timidly or glancing repeatedly at Stanley unsure of his reaction. That she can demand money and she doesn't work shows that she must have some pull with Stanley.

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