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            America is a nation of rights, freedom, and equal justice for all. Due to the tragic events of 9/11 the definition of America was shattered by the deaths of many innocent victims. September 11th was a day that people who were jealous and envious of the American symbol finally got back at America. As stated in the article "9/11 Lesson Plan" by Thomas Friedman, "The lesson would emphasize that while people in the world are good and decent, there are evil people out there who are not poor, not abused - but envious". .
             America is a nation that has always been looked upon as the head of the financial world. America is the most prosperous, and most democratic nation in the world. As Larry Miller stated in his essay You Say You Want a Resolution, "The plain fact is that our country has, with all our mistakes and blunders, always been and always will be, the greatest beacon of freedom, charity, opportunity, and affection in history". .
             September 11th marked one of the first times that Americans had fear that a nation that was weaker and less prosperous would take their lives, and destroy their country. Afghanistan is a country that is very opposite to America. The Government of Afghanistan or lack thereof stands for everything America is against. Since the beginning of the American government, people have had a say in what goes on in our country. The American people have always felt safe in their environment. They have never has a reason to doubt the security that the government has promised to give them. .
             The Government of Afghanistan does not include their people in any decisions that are made. The government is made strictly to benefit the people that are in the government, versus the people that are being governed. The Government of Afghanistan has never approved of the way that the American government is run. The rights, freedom and equal justice that the American people as a whole have, were looked down upon by the Taliban.

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