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United States and Iraq Relations

            7 KPFK, host Amy Goodman had special guest Mohammed Aldouri, who is the United Nations Ambassador to Iraq. They discussed the recent issues reguarding President Bush and his wanting to invade Iraq, due to them refusing U.S. weapons inspectors to search Iraq.
             Mohammed Aldouri began the interview by saying that he objects to all of the United States pleas and feel that they are not pleas, but declarations of war. Aldouri was upset because all of the countries who participate in the United Nations do not object to the methods in which they use. But the United States will not accept the decision of the U.N. Aldouri feels that President George Bush is planning to invade Iraq not because of the weapons inspections, but for 3 internal reasons, and 3 external reasons.
             The three internal reasons he did not want to talk about at first but later explained them while talking with the host. The first internal reason is to boost the economy. In his mind President Bush is looking for a way to boost the economy and if a war is to break out, then it will bring the United States out of its economic slump that it is in. The second internal reason is re-election. Aldouri thinks that President Bush feels that if he leads our country to war the, he will look good in the eye of the Americans and they will eventually re-elect him when he runs in 2004. And the third and final internal reason for invading Iraq according to Aldouri is because of his father, George Bush Sr. As we all know in the Gulf War in 1994 he had the same enemy, Saddam Husein. Aldouri also thinks like many others in America that George W. Bush, is going to finish his fathers "business".
             Aldouri then went on to explain the three external reasons for President Bush's probable invasion of Iraq. The first reason was for the oil that is in Iraq, Aldouri's views were that the United States are not satisfied with their oil supply which they are receiving from Iraq and they think that there is a lot of potiential in Iraqi oil.

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