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war with iraq

             To develop an opinion for my thoughts about America going to war with Iraq, I asked myself what would happen if America were to use aggression as a way to execute foreign policy? I also turned to various media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, and the Anchorage Daily News for facts about the president's decisions, and what could happen. .
             Roughly eight ears ago, the Clinton Administration worked to a peace treaty with North Korea, basically ensuring peace in our time, all in exchange for diplomatic recognition. But a country that produces 500,000 tons a year of heavy fuel oil, and that has a pair of nuclear reactors; a global safety net must be placed upon them to make sure they were not being used to manufacture a bomb. .
             So the Stalinist regime of Kim Jong agreed to dismantle its burgeoning nuclear weapons program, and to allow international inspectors full access to its stockpiles of plutonium, for verification. The framework of the treaty was negotiated in conjunction with ex-president and 2002 Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter. This treaty was an outright defiance to skeptics who said the Clinton administration was gullible, warning that North Korea was stalling while it built more nuclear weapons. Regardless of spectators and opinionates, the path of peace was still the intended goal. Under the Leadership of Bill Clinton, the United States faced Iraq and Saddam Hussein. The purpose of the Gulf War was to drive out Iraqi military from Kuwait rather than to go directly after the power that Saddam had. The United States was successful in driving out Iraqi military from Kuwait, but didn't continue to pursue Saddam militarily. .
             Instead, laws were created through the United Nations that would require weapons inspections to occur frequently. U.N. officials throughout Iraq would carry out these inspections. .
             Our first mistake was not going after Saddam then.Over the last 11 years, Saddam has continued to defy resolutions made to contain his military.

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