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Hamlet essay

             Young people today are constantly being troubled by social, psychological, and family problems, and are considered indecisive and inscrutable. Parents often misinterpret their children's actions, and always believe that their children cannot make wise decisions. King Claudius in Shakespeare's play Hamlet resembles parents of today, and Hamlet represents teenagers of today. In this chaotic play, the old king was murdered by his own brother and later the brother married the Queen. Hamlet is aware of the murderous act, and is frustrated at his mother for being oblivious towards the current situation. These deceiving acts have an overwhelming effect on Hamlet's view of mankind and his character. As Hamlet ponders upon the question "To be or not to be," he reveals his thirst for justice, how he observes the world as hopeless, and how his encounter with Queen Gertrude reveals the value of justice that Hamlet cherishes.
             In the well-known soliloquy, Hamlet reflects on suicide, and how life is a burden for everyone. He mentions suicide, and how he wants to kill himself because he does not want to continue living in a world that is controlled by "the oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely the insolence of office." Although he ponders upon suicide, he holds back on that thought because he is unaware of the afterlife. Hamlet is terrified that perhaps the afterlife will be much worse than real life. Hamlet explains whether it is honorable to suffer the hardships of life, or to fight against life's many obstacles. He wonders if by dying, he can escape the "heart-ache, and the thousand natural shocks," the burden of life that people must endure. This soliloquy may seem like it is centered on Hamlet; however, Hamlet is referring to all humankind by the way he utilizes the words "we" and "us" in his soliloquy. Not only is Hamlet contemplating the idea of suicide in the beginning, he also explores how life can be a burden for everyone.

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