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             There are many elements in Hamlet that make it a tragedy, more than .
             The old king has been killed, and everyone is .
             still mourning his death, or should be. The mood is that of depression, and the .
             most depressed is Hamlet himself, for he misses his father. In finding out that .
             his own uncle was the murderer of his father, he becomes even more upset. This .
             fact is another of the tragic elements of the play. A brother killing a brother for .
             the rule of a kingdom. As is said in the play, this is one of the oldest crimes in .
             the bible, the first murder ever committed. .
             Hamlets love for Ophelia is another tragic point of the play. He loves her .
             as much as any man could love a woman, but loses that for she rejects his love .
             because of her father. This is tragic because in reality she loves him back, but .
             he believes she rejected him from her own feelings, which deepens his belief that .
             women are weak. "Frailty, thy name is woman!", this quote expressess his .
             feelings about women. Throughout the rest of the play, its hard to say whether .
             Hamlet still loves Ophelia or whether this love has turned into bitter feelings. He .
             treats her quite badly quite often, but at her grave he expresses his love as .
             being that of 10 000 brothers, so his love is questionable. .
             Polonius' death is also tragic, for he was quite innocent, but is stupidity i .
             think was the cause of the death. I dont think he deserved to die, he was just in .
             the wrong place at the wrong time. This is why his death is one of the most .
             tragic in the play i think. "Thou wretched, rash, intruding fool, farewell! I took .
             thee for thy better," Hamlet says after the accidental murder, he knows that .
             Polonius didnt need to die. .
             Another tragic figure in the play is Laertes, not because of what he does .
             but because of what happens to him. He loses his father and sister all within a .
             short period of time. His suffering puts him into a state of mind that clouds his .

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