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             In the play Hamlet, Shakespeare portrays the death of three fathers of four separate characters who all go about trying to revenging the deaths in different manners. The protagonist of the play, Hamlet, is a young, well-educated prince of the country Denmark that is put in an overwhelming situation when finding out his father, is murdered by his own uncle, Claudius. He is then told to seek revenge by the ghost of his father. He hesitates at the thought of revenge, looking for solid proof to justify the revenge. In the end Hamlet seeks revenge without giving mercy to anyone that gets in his path. Also in the play there are other characters; Ophelia, Laertes, and Fortinbras that undergo the same quest to seek revenge for their respective father's deaths, but go about in different routes.
             Ophelia, whose father was killed by Hamlet, was overwhelmed, not only by the death of her father but also by a predicament pertaining to her love life. She could not bare the pressure and became crazy and drowned accidentally. Laertes, Ophelia's brother, did not sit back and procrastinate. As soon as he found out that Hamlet was the one who killed is father, he conspired to kill him, but his plan backfires and not only kills Hamlet, but himself as well. The third character was the Norwegian prince, Fortinbras. His father was Norway's king and was killed by Hamlet's father in battle. Fortinbras wanting to seek revenge on Hamlet for his father's death, achieved greater things by remaining calm and became the new king of Denmark. .
             Hamlet although not acting as soon as he should have, achieved his ultimate goal of revenge but sadly lead to his own death. .

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