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             Stepping out of the car, the pavement hit my foot hard. I walked on unsteady legs with my head cast down, and entered through the frosted glass door alone. The long hallway with the deep scarlet carpet was a color I was already too familiar with. It had a way of making me cringe. I looked up to avoid the carpets stare, but everything was blurry. How long had I been crying? The tears were no longer rolling in distinct singles, they now spilled down together as a steady stream. I didn't care.
             I was only fourteen, and I'm not sure who told me that I knew everything, but someone must have, because I thought I did. My nave world consisted of friends, make-up, parties and sleepovers. That night, just like most Saturday nights, my friends and I were having a sleepover at Kelly's house - or at least that's what we told our parents. My mom dropped me off in front of Kelly's crimson house with my friend Liz and we rushed inside to start getting ready. Up the stairs, two at a time, and with a quick turn to the right, we opened the door to Kelly's room and scurried in - Melissa and Lisa were already there. Through a cloud of make-up and hairspray, and a tornado of clothes, we get ready to go out to yet another party. I remember letting Lisa borrow my light blue shirt - her favorite color. Light blue has a strange way of showing red.
             I continued down the hallway, and my shaky legs scarcely allowed me to step into the doorway of the next room. The scarlet carpet stalked me even in this room, and the walls were a ghastly shade of cream. The bright, fuzzy spots of color at the front of the room I assumed to be flowers, a thought I confirmed a second later when their scent swallowed me whole. I felt nauseous. Suddenly, I was extremely aware of my own thundering breathing. It seemed as if .
             everyone else was aware too, as they stared in my direction. How long had I been standing there? What time was it?.

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