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From God to the Simpsons - Lisa Frank

            In the article "The Evolution of the Seven Deadly Sins: From God to the Simpsons," by Lisa Frank, she explains the seven deadly sins and how they have evolved from ancient times. In addition to explaining each sin, Lisa Frank provides an example of an episode from The Simpsons to help readers to get a better idea of each sin. She uses a humorous style to show how modern society uses the seven deadly sins on a daily basis.
             Frank's humorous and carefree tone explains society's downfall. Her remarks that she use fits into her overall theme of social decay. She starts of her paper by showing how easy it is to commit each of the sins by using herself as an example. All sins were committed by lunch time in her case. From the beginning of Frank's article, it ties into just about any person who has to wake up early in the morning for work or school. She later comes and say "I am human; therefore, I sin. A lot" (95-96). According to her article, in society, a lot of people sin and do not realize it. Not only does Frank provides examples from her life, but she also gives a more popular example from a television show The Simpsons. .
             The popularity of The Simpsons supports Frank's beliefs of our acceptance to the seven deadly sins. After explaining each sin, she talks about how it was perceived when it first came about to what it means now in society by using certain episodes from The Simpsons. Frank explains an episode where Homer, sells his soul to the devil for a donut (102). This is obviously poking fun at our society for having bad eating habits, gluttony. She also states that "the only thing that may make us happier than food or drink is sex," which ties into her carefree/sarcasm tone (102). Not only does the quote fits with her tone but also how people think. In society, many believe that sex is a key to a relationship, it is a necessity that they need to survive.

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