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The Simpsons

            The Simpsons is your average American family. They're pretty much what you see in your family, or if your family is insanely clever and clean than most other families in your neighbourhood.
             Now im going to introduce you to the Simpsons family.
             Sources of the images and some text are (www.thesimpsons.com and www.powow.com/simpsonsthe).
             The head of the Simpson family, Homer, is not the typical "family man." He does his best to lead his irreverant family, he's a drunk, and he's far too fat - he's even been vilified by former President George Bush. But Homer Simpson is a great dad to his three children. He isn't bothered about what he looks like or what people think about him - he simply cares about his family and trying to do the right thing. For instance, in one episode of The Simpsons, Homer's son Bart comes home from school cryin that he doesn't get all the computer games and his friends do. Many parents today will understand just what that pressure is like. But rather than dashing out with expensive presents, Homer makes his son laugh by clowning around. By doing that, he shows he is able to give Bart what all children want more than anything - time and attention. He also impresses on bart that there is more to life than material goods. Home does not like to be around alot of people, One of the ways he stands out from the crowd is by refusing to go to church. In one episode he skips Sunday service and has the best day of his life, while his wife Marge, fearful for his soul, prays for him. Then Homer sees God in a dream and says: "I'm a good man, I care about my kids - why do I have to go to church and be told I'm going to hell?" God agrees with him and says: "You've got a point there." Homer has proved it is possible to be good without having to go to church. .
             Marge is the glue that holds the simpsons family together she is a happy homemaker and mother of three. Her prides and joys are Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

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