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The Simpsons

             Homer Simpson represents the Stereotype of the Typical American Father.
             Description of Homer Simpsons selfish personality.
             A. Homer uses Ned his neighboor and takes advantage of him.
             III. Homer Simpson representing the typical American Male.
             A. Similarities between Homer and a Typical American Male.
             B. Homers greed for money and Examples of his attempts to make money regardless of morality.
             IV. Episodes reveal that money has tremendous power in America.
             A. Money is valued more than friendship by men.
             V. Homers strugle to fulfill his role as a father .
             A. Spending time with thier children is important to the American father.
             VI. Men are Idiots!.
             A. We as men value some things more than we should.
             B. Homer purposely gains wieght.
             C. Homer puts his marriage at risk .
             VII. The never changing stereotype of men in america.
             A. Every mans desire for wealth and power.
             B. Homer goes to college.
             C. Effects and the downfall when Homer has too much power.
             VIII. Conclusion.
             A. An educational view of the simpsons.
             B. Stereotypes provide humor to the public.
             Matt Groening changed television forever when, in 1987, he brought the Simpsons to the FOX network. People all across the country enjoyed these hilarious animated series, and, that same year, it was given the Fox's Emmy award. "The Simpsons is initially so appealing because each segment of the family tears apart past sitcom family representations and exposes how unrealistic those representations were" (Van 3). Main characters of the Simpsons reminded American audience of themselves, showed them what they look like in the others' eyes, and did a great job using humor to show the flaws of modern American culture. Simpsons reveal many interesting aspects of modern American culture, one of them is the stereotype of lower middle class, middle-aged, married white male in America. "His couch is sacred. He's a little pudgy and not terribly bright. He's a guys" guy, who works a lunch-pail job and likes to drink beer and eat bratwurst "(Cook Broadhusrt 1).

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