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            American television is known all over the world for its wild and crazy scenes in movies or television shows. The Simpsons is a popular cartoon that has been running on the air for over ten years and has won many awards for its writing. The story line is based on the Simpson family that includes Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie who all go on their own adventures throughout the town of Springfield.
             The Simpson family goes through many "adventures" throughout Springfield. Most of the episodes correspond with the everyday American life. An episode of The Simpsons carries a different number of scenes, which are entirely different. The opening scene starts with Marge food shopping with Maggie, Bart is writing something apologetic on the blackboard at school, Homer is driving home from work where he drops a radiation container and Lisa is playing her trumpet. These scenes are always included in the opening scene of The Simpsons. .
             Homer is the main character to be looked at next after the credits, whether it is on the couch watching T.V. or at work eating doughnuts. Homer's character is a somewhat dumb witted individual who never seems to really get the hint. Homer is always exploring the world of houllusinagetic on things like toad licking, dangerous peppers and other drugs. Besides the drug usage, Homer works at a nuclear power plant where his relationship with his boss Montgomery Burns is always tied in to the Simpson family. Homer spends a lot of his time at Moe's the local bar in town. All the people at the bar are Homer's friends. They usually drink a lot of beer and laugh at Barney who is the known alcoholic of the town. Barney and Homer are very close on the show and are usually involved in the same mischief. .
             Next is Little Lisa Simpson. Lisa is a very educated, talented and noisy eight-year-old girl. Lisa likes to play her saxophone and read books. Most of all she likes butting in to other peoples business and it's known throughout the town.

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