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            On December 14th 1989 my life and the lives of millions around the world was forever changed. The Simpsons were born and out of a few crude yellow drawings this family began to invade our family rooms. Now I'm sure everyone in this room should know who the Simpsons are, but have you ever taken the time to really appreciate they're greatness because the Simpsons are simply great. In fact through the examination of its appeal, its influences and its success and longevity i will prove to you that it is one of the greatest shows of all time. .
             One of the reasons why the Simpsons is such a great show is because it has such a wide range of appeal. According to Richard Banks of the Knoxville News sentinel, approximately 25 million people in North America tune into Simpsons weekly. Young people watch and enjoy it because of its slapstick and irreverant humour while older and more educated people enjoy the Simpsons because of its irony and satire as well as its numerous references to movies, politics, people, religion and history. I can go on forever about these aspects of the show as there are many books and courses taught on them, however simply put, there is something for everyone. For example, as university students all of us would be able to relate with the episode where Homer goes back to university and befriends a group of Star Trek loving computer nerds while Shannon could relate with the episode where Homer decides to become a teacher. .
             The influence of the Simpsons is extremely apparent after this demonstration. Even if you aren't a Simpsons fanatic, almost everyone in this room is able to identify the characters just by seeing their hair. The influence of the show can also be seen by taking a simple trip to the mall. It is almost impossible to go to a mall without seeing Simpsons products ranging from shirts and candy to underwear and games. As obscure as these products may be, many people, including me will buy them.

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