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The O.J. Simpson Trial Examined

             Simpson trial as my mystery examined. I was young when this trial was being held, so going into this assignment I didn't know much about the case. I felt this was better, for the fact that I wouldn't go into the writing with a bias opinion. The verdict was not guilty in the trial, which sent shock waves through the country. It went on for nine months. The 133 days of televised courtroom testimony turned countless viewers into Simpson trial junkies (Famous Trials). There were eleven lawyers representing Simpson, and against him, twenty-five lawyers working around the clock for the prosecutor's office. (Court TV) From Los Angeles to London the verdict was televised live. Millions of people waited anxiously for the verdict. The not guilty was shocking because it seemed as if all the evidence was against Simpson. I do not agree with this verdict, and I am going to show you why Simpson was the one who murdered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. I will do this by laying out the events and when they occurred throughout the night and giving incriminating evidence on Simpson.
             The victims of the attacks are Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. Simpson and Brown began living together when she was 19. The two were wed February 2, 1985 and were divorced in 1992. According to her sister, Denise Brown, Nicole broke up with Simpson a week and a half before she died. Goldman was a waiter at a restaurant called Mezzaluna; he also worked as a part-time model to make money. (CNN).
             Simpson was known in the past to have jealous rages over Nicole. One day prior to the attacks Simpson knocked down Nicole's door violently, she called 911 and asked that police be sent out to her house. Before police got to the house Simpson left, went back to his house, and returned minutes later. She called the police again crying and scared. Simpson was in her back yard yelling loud and violently. He entered her house and would not leave after her many attempts to get him out.

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