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The Rosenberg Trials

            From the Salem Witch Trials of the late seventeenth century, to the tribunal of O. Simpson just six years ago, American History has been written in courts of law. Almost all trials are controversial, with different opinions and views. The most controversial of all American cases is the trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Although the couple were mildly guilty, their execution was undeserved and unfair. There are countless examples of why the Rosenbergs should not have been killed. The main grounds are the mild guilt of Julius Rosenberg, the innocence of Ethel Rosenberg, the corruptness of the court and time because of anti-communist attitudes, and the unfair trial they recieved. The Rosenbergs were victims of the Cold War hysteria of the time. The severe executions of the Rosenbergs were the unmerited result of a prejudiced conviction.
             The Rosenberg Case began in July 1949 when Government cryptographers deciphered a KGB (Soviet Intelligence Agency) document that contained a report written by Klaus Fauchs, a german scientist spy. After Fuchs was questioned and confessed to espionage, he named an American, Harry Gold as his contact. Harry Gold subsequently led the FBI to David Greenglass, who led the bureau to Julius Rosenberg. On July 15, 1950 Julius Rosenberg was arrested on the charge of conspiracy to commit espionage. On August 11, 1950 Ethel Rosenberg was arrested on the same charge as her husband. On March 16, 1951 the actual trial of the Rosenbergs began. After hours of trial, the jury returns a guilty verdict for the Rosenbergs. Six days later Judge Irving Kaufman sentences the Rosenbergs to death. For two years, various appeals are requested and all denied. One stay of execution is granted, but quickly repeals the stay. Then even after new hard evidence is found, Judge Kaufman still denies the defense attourney, Manny Bloch's appeal. Finally on June 19, 1953, Julius Rosenberg is executed at 8:05 PM in Sing Sing prison in Ossining, New York.

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