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The Rosenberg Trial

             America had developed the ultimate doomsday weapon in the history of warfare, a weapon that was so powerful that it could destroy life as we know it on this planet. This was a power that America held in check and deployed only when faced with no other alternatives. The defendants, who were sworn under oath, to keep secret for all time, information which they and a handful of others had been privileged to share. The Rosenberg's conspired to violate this sacred trust and share the secret of total annihilation of civilization with a society with which the American people were locked in mental, emotional, and cultural combat in choosing their course of action. The Rosenberg's substituted their judgement over the judgement of the American people and violating the sacred trust. We will show that the Rosenberg's have committed one of the most reprehensible acts in history. We will demonstrate that they, with cold calculation are guilty of the most heinous act of espionage the United States has ever seen. For this, the United States government and the American citizens demand no less than the ultimate penalty for their deliberate crimes. .
             The Rosenberg's had everything: motive, opportunity, and actions. The Rosenberg's were committed to the overthrow of our democratic government. Evidence shows that the Rosenberg's had a long history of activities in the communist party. Julius Rosenberg, at the young age of 16, was a doctrinaire member of New York City College's Communist League. The Rosenberg's had close associations with people inside the American communist infrastructure, that the Rosenberg's had face to face communication with communist agents. But the Rosenberg's, contrary to their oath, were deeply committed to the communist ideology. Despite the evidence of their participation in these activities, the Rosenberg's plead the Fifth Amendment in response to all questions concerning their membership in the Communist Party.

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