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Rosenberg Trials

             The Rosenberg Trial was an unfair bias trial which ended in an excessively harsh punishment. The trial occurred during the Red Scare which only influenced the prejudice of the jury even more. To put this into perspective, suppose a spy of Bin Laden was arrested and put on trial today. The spy would have a much greater punishment after the Twin Tower Attack than before the event. This is why the Rosenberg Trial often looked as one of the most controversial trials of the twentieth century (Julius and Ethel Rosenberg).
             II. Public Sentiment.
             The time period of the Rosenberg trials is essential to the case itself. Cold war tensions were rising and fear of communist spies spread across the United States. Known as the Red Scare, Americans became fearful of the spread of communism to other parts of the world. Some compared the paranoia of the Red Scare to the Salem Witch Trials (The Red Scare). The 1950's brought suspicion and brutality to the United States. Adding to this mass panic Senator Joseph McCarthy accused many individuals of being communists.
             There seems to be a number of causes for the Red Scare. Fear of penetration of communist's works occurring in the U.S. was common. The pre-mature development of the Soviet Atomic Bomb may have been the leading reason for the Red Scare also. Another leading.
             cause is China's fall to communism along with the Korean War. These major events and beliefs are leading causes of the Red Scare.
             III. Chain of Implications.
             (The Rosenberg Trial) The links of people which ultimately led up to the arrest of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg seemed to start with one person, that person was a man by the name of Klaus Fuchs. Fuchs was a British Physicist who was involved with the Manhattan Project. Soon after his arrest, Fuchs confessed to dealings with a soviet spy by the name of,"Raymond". The FBI arrested a man named Harry Gold who was thought to be the man referred to as Raymond.

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