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The Simpsons

            It seems like nothing is safe from "The Simpsons- excruciatingly thorough examination of society because the program expresses and exploits almost every aspect of American public and private life. Each character, with their stereotypes and clichés, symbolizes one specific problem in our society, and gives a ridiculous appearance of these aspects of ordinary life by using exaggeration and extensive humor. Whether it is Homer with his laziness and excessive food/beer intake, Police Chief Wiggum's corrupt law practices or Mayor Quimby's lack of morals, all the problems exhibited in the show are common issues that American society deals with. However, with the popularity and widespread acceptance of the show itself comes the controversy that constantly surrounds it. Many, if not all of the critiques of these social aspects that are present in the show, are understood as insulting by some viewers. This is not the intention of these relations at all. They are merely present in the show to exemplify social problems to viewers. The fact is that the parallels between "The Simpsons- and the American culture are not just pure chance, yet they are present to indirectly prove and expose various imperfections in American Society to the public. .
             "The Simpsons- gives people a critical look at some of the prevalent American institutions commonly seen in our lives. Week after week the American political structure, the medical system, the educational system, and even police corruption are confronted by the show. For example, "The Simpsons- attempts to prove and then reinforce the fact that the medical system currently existing in the U.S. is mainly available for wealthy citizens. In a series of X-ray shots of Homer's chest, it is seen that his heart is dangerously clogged with doughnut residue and that he is in need of a triple bypass operation. The operation costs $40,000, but Homer cannot afford that much, so he goes to Dr.

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