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Interracial adoption

            The National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW) are strongly against interracial adoption. They think that only black people can give the children a positive racial identity. Also that only black parents can help the children develop skills for coping in a racist society. They think that ethnic identity is the major reason why many African Americans do not approve of interracial adoption. I think the longer the child is in an orphanage or foster home, the more problems the child will have with an adoptive family. Because the child has no parent, it often becomes confused. The child does not know who to call mom or dad. The children wait two to five years in a foster home or orphanage before being adopted. There are not enough adoptive black people to match the estimated 8,000 black children in foster care according to the Bergen record. If critics like the NABSW looked at the overall benefits of the children, then they would not let the children sit in foster care. That is the most influential part of their lives. The longer the child sits in foster care, the more likely they will have psychological problems when they grow older. One of the issues that the world's nations are faced with is the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa and U.S. Even though is can be targeted to one area, this is still a world issue, because of the western worlds role in creating their instability. Over the past years, especially the most resent ones, much advancement in new drug treatments, and vaccines have been made, but there is the issue of funding. This is the problem, even though the worlds nations are getting their acts together now, each day 15,000 people are affected with HIV/AIDS, so everyday that goes by, the numbers increase. Out if the 34.3 million people who are living with HIV and AIDS, only 2 percent are able to get access to antiretroviral drugs, or even basic treatments for diseases that are the result from HIV/AIDS.

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