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Caroline Chisholm

            Caroline Jones, later on to become the better known Caroline Chisholm, was born in England of March 1808. She was brought up in a caring Christian family whose home was always open to others no matter if they were rich or poor, which contributed to her passion of caring for the less fortunate, starting as a young girl.
             In 1832, at the age of 22, she married Archibald Chisholm, and officer in the British Army. They moved to Australia in 1838, to Sydney, a convict town. Caroline was a lively woman, and unlike the other wives, always took walks around Sydney, and was shocked at what she saw. Having the heart she did, was devastated with this. She witnessed many women living out on the streets, forced to travel out on filthy overcrowded ships for a chance at better life, but because of high immigration, there were no houses or jobs for most. Caroline wanted to help these women.
             She set up a women's home for the unemployed and homeless, to help find them jobs. She asked the Governor for a building (disused barracks), but he said it would cost too much. She was determined to not give up, and after many meetings the Governor finally gave in. She set up an employment office, and was often criticised for neglecting her children, who she had nine in all.
             Her Female Immigrants Home was a great success. Within two years she had found jobs and homes for a thousand women! But her battle for the immigrants was only just beginning. The immigration barracks were dirty and full of rats. She worked her way up from nothing, praying to God the whole way. Before she had the barracks she took homeless women into her own home. She juggled her home duties as well as with her work.
             By the end of her working days, she had travelled the country to find jobs and homes for about 11,000 migrants, most of them younger women. She also convinced the authorities that something needed to be done about the conditions on the ships being used to bring migrants to Australia.

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