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             This statement made by a survivor of the Holocaust summed up the fate of many Jews that fell victim under Adolf Hitler during his rule in Germany. The Holocaust was one of the most devastating blows to a single group of people in the history of the world. One man's hate turned into a whole country's determination to wipe out all of the Jews and create a more perfect race. It is important not to forget the tragic events that took place during the Holocaust. It is events such as this that let nations band together and fight against genocide and make certain that acts so brutal may never happen again. Because of the Holocaust, society may never again have to witness anything as horrific than the events that took place in the camps or as terrible as the way Europe was towards the Jews or any group of people for that matter. .
             In 1938, there were an estimated fifteen million Jews in Europe, and in the space of six years, six million of them were murdered, leaving only about nine million in the year 1945. (Pg. 2) Adolf Hitler's persecution of Jews began as soon as he came into power in 1933. Hitler had a vision of a perfect race, and, unfortunately, Jews did not fall under that category of blonde hair and blue-eyed people. Adolf Hitler persuaded people to believe that Jews were a threat to society and should be wiped out of not only Europe, but the world as well. He held many rallies and gave many powerful speeches that could persuade even the toughest crowd. He also had the help of two other powerful dictators, Mussolini of Italy, and Stalin of Russia. Both were very helpful to Hitler for they too spoke of a perfect race and molded their countries around Hitler's thoughts and beliefs. Many people had a great deal of faith in Hitler, and soon began to help in his crusade to get Jews out of Europe. Shop owners would boycott sales to the Jews and, also, Jews owning their own shops were made to put yellow stars in the windows allowing the public to see that they were indeed Jewish and, therefore, boycott the purchase of their goods.

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