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Women in Society

             The play "Educating Rita" and the films "Pretty Woman" and "My Fair Lady" are all alike in the way of the main character of each source is uneducated, lower class, and is seeking the means to take them away from their current lives, which comes in the form of a man. The techniques in the sources help portray the feel of the source. In Educating Rita, stage direction and dialogue is used, in Pretty Woman, music and camera angles, and finally, in My Fair Lady, the music and dialogue, in which most of the dialogue is sung.
             "Educating Rita" and "pretty Woman" both run along the same lines in more ways than one. As mentioned above, they both have the uneducated, lower class female wanting to escape their current position in life. They also both find the answer in a man, Frank for Rita in educating Rita, and Edward for Vivienne in Pretty Woman. .
             The main male characters in the sources significantly help their female counter-part. In Educating Rita, Frank buys Rita a dress that an educated woman would wear, perhaps to show her that she is indeed becoming the educated woman she wanted to be. Edward takes a different approach. Edward gives Vivienne money and sends her out shopping for clothes appropriate for her to wear while with him.
             Once both Rita and Vivienne are touched by the blessings given by Frank and Edward, they feel they cannot return to the lives they lived previously. In Rita's case, she cannot return to her life of hairdressing, marriage to Denny and the children he wants, and the nights at the pub with her family and friends.
             Vivienne simply cannot go back to prostitution, and decides to go back to school.
             The techniques used in the sources also play a big part. Educating Rita shows the use of stage directions and dialogue. Rita, where she walks around the "room" and examines things and also looks out the "window". This helps show the sort of character Rita is, and in the process, shows what sort of character Frank is, sitting at his desk wanting to get on to business.

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