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A.C Green

             Role Model and great leader to the youths of today .
             A Lakers would stand out in a crowd, but A.C Green stands out even among his fellow players. (Http://go.studentz.com.my_world/ac_green.htm). A.C. is a nationally renowned youth development motivational speaker, former NBA star and founder of the A.C. Green Youth Foundation in 1989. His Foundation mission statement reads, "Our Goal is to serve both the youth and the communities in which they live by providing information about sexual abstinence and social issues that concern our young people and educating them to make responsible choices to prepare them for their future." A.C. Green is not only an inspirational leader but is also a role model to young children, teaching them that waiting till marriage to consummate is Gods will. A.C. Green is a devoted Christian with strong religious beliefs, ethic and moral status, and many commitments that will lead him to achieve all his goals in life and hopes for the future.
             Basic Commitments .
             A.C. Green's heart is dedicated to working with youths. (http://www.clubac.com/whazhappenn/default) He established A.C. Green Youth Foundation, making this one of his main commitments to teach to the youth on sexual abstinence education. His mission is to help the member and all children to build self-esteem and character, and learn moral and ethical principles that will help them make responsible decisions. A.C. is also a devoted husband, to Veronique Green, also making his marriage to her his major priority. Other commitments of A.C. would include his ownership of many Denny's restaurants in Portland and a Hyundai dealership in Los Angeles and owning his own sport drink, Bio Sport. This past season A.C. hung up his jersey to focus his attention on his other passion, promoting abstinence until marriage to kids across the United States. .
             Religious Beliefs .
             Through his youth Leadership camps, thriving foundations and school curriculum that teach abstinence, A.

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