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            33 of Houston's most attractive and friendly women have been chosen from 1,600 applicants, to be the cheerleaders for Houston's new NFL football team, the Texans. These women, as with most cheerleaders in general are often portrayed as ditzy, trampy, bubbleheaded women who could not make it in life doing anything else. However, these women feel that there role as cheerleaders for one of the nation's largest cities is quite an honor as well as a positive influence on others. They take their role as cheerleaders very seriously. In a state where cheerleading is considered just as important as football itself, these girls regard themselves as icons. Many of the women on the squad are successful buisness women, teachers, and doctors. A majority of the women have college degrees or are currently studying to receive degrees. Ask any Texans' cheerleaders, and she would tell you that her reason for wanting to be a cheerleader is mainly "just for the fun"". Most love to dance and cheer, and are former cheerleaders if not for NFL teams, then for other teams as well. Some of the women say there is not a lot of money to the job, and their main reason for choosing to do it is for the fun and excitement involved. One of the five African-American cheerleaders on the squad, says that she wants to show other young black girls that they could aspire to do the same thing as she. Most people may think of cheerleaders as airheads or barbies, but these "barbies"" are very hard working, motivated women, who are representing our city.

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