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Life Story

            The last five years of my life are definitely going to be extremely exciting moments that I"ll never forget. I've been trough so many incredible ups and downs with so many different wonderful people and thankfully I've always had a very good friend by my side. Unfortunately, soon I will be kind of separated from many of my amazing friends and even though I would like to keep in touch with all of them I know that it will be very hard to since we"re each going to go our separated ways and I guess I"ll only have my bests friends and the people that will go to my college left. Luckily, I will have many memories to look back at from grade seven to eleven. Here are a few of the best ones.
             Throughout these unforgettable years of high school which have taken a huge part of my precious time in the past five years, I've made the best memories. In grade ten I've met the best friends because a lot of people came to our school because Ecole secondaire Pointe Claire closed. At first about ten gorgeous girls and we became a huge group of friends but later on, while I was on vacation in Syria a critical drama happened and it left only four of us together out of that group and we formed the B.L.C. which is our group name. Later on we formed the G.B.C with a few more people because we where so popular that so many people wanted to be part of us and out of pity we let them join but deep down we know that the official one is the first one. We stick together and all thought there are a lot of people that hang out with us three of them are my closest.
             Unfortunately there are always bad memories. I didn't like grade seven through ninth as much, actually I hated it because I didn't have as many friends and I used to be made fun of. I try to look back at those days and tell myself that my past is what made me the great person that I am right now. .
             Grade eleven was probably my favorite year out of all because I got to realize that some people that have been in my classes for so many years and I've talked to once in a while are now some of my best friends.

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