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Digital story

            The purpose of writing this essay is to gain points from the Stadium General module to pass my first year program. .
             Storytelling has been going on for generations, first by word of mouth, then by written narratives. We as people have always needed written narrative starting from birth what we hear or read has a great impact on determining our interests or in some ways it may even determine our personality. Storytelling is the mechanism for preserving our collective memory as well as a communication tool of the imagination.
             Because of the growth of technology, digital storytelling was born. Digital Storytelling is a new way for bringing forward messages to wide variety of people on a digital platform. The digital platform is one of the most important elements used to make a digital story. Media such as video, audio, text, graphics and photos are used to determine how it is presented to an audience. .
             My point of view of Digital Storytelling is that the digital platform makes it a lot more interesting for people, it adds more dimension to a story. By using various forms of multimedia, storytelling becomes more interactive and reaches a wider audience. .
             A lot of forms of digital storytelling can be seen on the World Wide Web. With some of these stories the reader can look through certain forms of storytelling and make interaction with the story. By making an audience participate, a story becomes interactive. .
             Digital storytelling on the internet. The internet creates a second life for most people. People like to surf the internet sites for further knowledge or finding information. .

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