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A New Way of Learning

             The need for a higher quality of education has been a continuous debate with the Department of Education. School districts, nationwide, are starting to implement specialized programs and curriculums within their school systems. Redefining and modifying of our public school system has always been a topic of discussion from the President's oval office to our parent's dinner tables. For decades, parents have longed for the freedom of choice of where to enroll their children, so that he or she will have the opportunity for a higher education than what is offered in the public school systems. Some educators feel that this problem has already been solved by a unique school system that has been in operation for over thirty years. That system is better known as the magnet school system. The implementation of magnet schools within our school districts will enhance academic performance, encourage school desegregation, and will prepare students for enrollment in any elite college of their choice.
             Magnet schools have been in existence for decades. They were created in hopes of ending desegregation of white and black students. "The development of magnet schools in American education must also be attributed to the concerns of decision-makers with improving the quality of education among students" (Blank, p 81). Magnet schools are set up to teach specialized curriculums such as math, science, or arts. Most magnet schools were designed for the gifted and talented. However, today, they are revolutionizing education to benefit all, giving even the less fortunate the opportunity to achieve a higher education.

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