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            People often assume that to be an artist you must possess brilliant artistic abilities-but everyone is an artist, and yet not everyone has those capabilities. Nature has become a living canvas of color and life, and the people of the world are those who paint it. Throughout time art has always been a way of recording the events of the present. Many believe this is not any form of art, but it was a form of representation. People express themselves everyday, in selecting what clothes they should wear, how their hair should be, and simply what socks they will put on. This is all a form of art in my eyes-to feel emotions and express it with your surroundings qualifies you as an artist.
             People develop forms of art on various forms of substrates, and countless styles of mediums are used as well. Humans have the capacity to express themselves as no other animal on earth can. We have the intelligence to interpret thoughts and dreams as majestic destinies that have been predestined for them alone. People draw, paint, write, and even act as their way of reflecting the varied images of their perplexing minds. We have the ability to analyze, and that depicts a form of opinion, which can very well produce another form of art. Art is constantly categorized as the simple paint on canvas, so to speak, but if people would only glimpse around their world they would be bombarded with the quantity of art within our world. .
             It is awfully difficult for me to imagine that not everyone has a modest artistic aptitude etched within him. Nothing is absolute of course, but isn't the grand gift of being this brilliant mortal part of being able to extend their thoughts on their account, and to reproduce them in a manner of speech, images, and sound? A true Artist can dig deep within and find inspiration, a simple thought or idea can bring out the deepest of ones self. His or her true colors can shine through their artwork, their pull to bring out the emotions of man in such a way that cannot be expressed in words.

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