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Life in Iraq Since 1991

            In 1991 there was a war between Iraq and half the countries of the world like, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Canada, Italy, even Arab countries like, Egypt, Syria ,Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco. That war started after the Iraqi occupation on Kuwait. The Iraqi government occupied Kuwait because Kuwait was trying to destroy the Iraqi economy by supersaturating the world markets with oil and selling it for a cheap price. There is an organization called "OPEC" which controls the prices for the crude oil and Kuwait is member in this organization ,so they sell under the "OPEC" prices. Because of this, no one bought oil from Iraq, and it made the Iraqi economy go down. At that time Iraq was in an emergency need for money because it had newly exited from the eight years Iraqi-Iran war. The Iraqi government got mad and occupied Kuwait. Most of the countries of the world were against Iraq because Iraq wanted to keep its economy good and because Kuwait was the neighbor of Iraq. After the war ended and after a lot of people got injured and a lot of children had died, America enforced a sanction against Iraq. This happened in 1991 and until now this sanction is still on Iraq. In my opinion, this sanction should be lifted from Iraq.

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