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Iraq and vietnam

             The Vietnam War was fought over 14 years and it was a lot bigger than Iraq war. At its climax more than 500,000 American soldiers were sent there, and compared to Iraq it was at least twice the size. Almost 60,000 Americans died in Vietnam, along with 40 times as many Vietnamese soldiers. South Korea also fought with the U.S. together with smaller groups from Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Thailand, but the U.S. was missing Britain and who was there main partner.
             The Vietnam War was an awful war that affected millions of people in many different countries. Wars usually start because there is a difference in people's opinions, and the Vietnam War that was the case. It started because France and Vietnam's leader, Ho Chi Minh, had a difference in opinion about the type of government Vietnam should have. In the1750's is where the French started the whole thing with Vietnam. For years and years the people of Vietnam protested but could not get a force powerful enough to defeat the French. Then in 1946 Vietnam's leader (who was also a communist), Ho Chi Minh organized the people of North Vietnam and took out the French rulers in a war that took around eight years.
             With over 150 billion dollars spent by the military and over 500,000 American soldiers overseas, it's hard to figure out why Vietnam fell to the Communists. America did have the upper-hand in this war with not only higher economic stability but also better technology. In a war where the expected result was clearly obvious with an American victory, the final outcome was a surprising one with over 50,000 American casualties were recorded dead, which turned into one of the most embarrassing moments in America's proud history. The loss to Vietnam came from a lack of support came from many directions. There are many different factors that helped to America's defeat in Vietnam, but the most important was the lack of support for the war in America, and the lack of fighting ability coming from the poor command of the Army's resources.

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