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What is Sex

             In today's diverse society it is difficult to say what "counts as sex." America as a whole, is made up of a range of people with different perceptions and ideals instilled in them since a small age. Although we all come from different parts of the world, most people think of penetration when the subject of sex is touched, which eventually has led me to believe this to be sex. In many cultures it is believed that the act of having sex should be for the most part, to procreate. In the Samoan culture it is greatly favored for the guy to become sexually experienced in pleasing a girl without getting her pregnant.(Grant) This means that the practice of oral sex might be an example of how the guy might satisfy the girl. In the Samoan culture it was implied that oral sex might be "sex." Although, it was not until when the sailors came and had sexual intercourse with the girls that sex was defined. Part of the reason it had gotten defined was because girls were loosing their virginity. In our time, sex is not clearly defined either. Currently, sex is a term generally used, which not only makes it vague in its meaning when people apply it, but in its importance, too. .
             In today's adolescent culture, teens for the most part do not feel that sex should be reserved until marriage. Rather, types of sex can happen in couples who are just dating. Sex can be oral, sodomy, and vaginal. It is not until a girl has intercourse and might even loose her virginity that people label it as sex. Which eventually leads me to also believe intercourse as "sex." For most teens, in the Clinton-Lewinsky "affair," oral sex was seen as fondling or even foreplay. Lewinsky did give Clinton oral sex, but since his penis did not enter the vagina and ejaculated, then it did not count as sex. This is seen in youth today. .
             On the other hand, the older generation feels that sex in all its form is "something special." The belief is that the couple should wait until marriage, and only then should sex be used to procreate.

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