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Real Estate Management

            ## Work activities, duties and responsibilities of this job are:.
             They help client's buy and sale land or property.
             2. They help clients lease land or property.
             3. They can inspect property.
             4. They can determine market value on a property.
             5. They compare property to others that have sold in the area of your choice.
             6. Make suggestions for the homeowner to improve their property value for selling.
             7. They take pictures of the property.
             8. Discuss offers of the property they are going to sell or lease.
             9. Drive the buyer around to look at property.
             10. Look out for the buyer or sellers best interest.
             They make their own hours.
             If you want to make good money you have to be willing to work nights and weekends.
             Working Conditions:.
             Almost always inside, unless your showing land our a new construction.
             Fringe Benefits:.
             They don"t get many benefits as far as medical.
             You would have to put money aside for Minnesota Care or another Medical plan.
             My hands.
             Pen and Paper .
             Work Clothes:.
             Suits, dress clothes nice shoes. To look clean and neat at all times.
             Entry Requirements:.
             High School Diploma.
             90 hours of real estate education.
             Pass the real estate exam.
             Continuing classes even after the exam and your working.
             Training Requirements:.
             Complete Course I.
             Within One year, pass the State Licensing Exam.
             Within One year, Complete Course II.
             Complete Course III.
             File a license application signed by a Minnesota broker who will hold your license.
             The cost is about $1000.00.
             Schools that provide training in this career are:.
             Pro Source St. Paul.
             Pro Source St. Louis Park.
             How many months our years do it takes to finish training:.
             90 Hours.
             You have to finish within a year.
             How much is the cost for training:.
             Around $1,000.00 or more depending on how much training you want.
             Personal Qualities:.

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