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OCBC Bank - Talent Management and Development

            The success that OCBC bank has garnered over the years is unequivocal and outright noteworthy. The bank was formed in 1932 following the merging of three banks, one of which was founded in 1912. It has amassed a great deal of assets over the 83 years that it has been running in Singapore getting recognition both locally and internationally, earning a spot as the world's strongest bank according to Bloomberg Markets magazine. The bank is centered on people and credits its great success on unimpaired business strategies and rigorous talent organization and expansion. The bank has established and practiced different types of talent management and development strategies to enable their staff to work at their optimum levels.
             The first strategy that the OCBC bank uses is the 'Career Best' program that was instigated in the year 2002. The program helps the employees to assess their forte and the career inclination that they prefer. The program entails a diverse set of options for the employees where the bank offers a broad system for the employees to evaluate their interests and strength and consequently realize their field of preference. Upon realizing their field of preference the program then offers a platform for the enhancement of an employee's skill in that arena and afterwards the employees is enrolled in a department of the bank that will ensure that their skills are utilized to the fullest. The OCBC bank has also adopted other strategies in their talent management and development initiative. The bank has introduced the Learning-3 program that was launched in 2007, has created the OCBC Learning academy and started The Learning Space at OCBC. All this is aimed at teaching new staff and development of skills for all employees. The OCBC Learning-3 program is a structured 3 year development program that demarcates learning roadmaps for particular OCBC employees for the period of their initial three years of employment in the bank.

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