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Personal essay

             My personality is a unique gateway to my future success. I attain an adequate experience in communication skills; whether it's among my peers, in a classroom atmosphere or around my co-workers. I enjoy passing my knowledge onto others for a good cause; therefore it is a big plus in my managerial skills. I have strengths in organization, developing new ideas and socializing. I became aware of my weaknesses as I did a few of the self assessment exercises and monitored my behavior in the work and school atmosphere. I have discovered that my weakness is persistency. Even though I"m enthusiastic about my work and like what I do, I noticed that I often don't make it on time basically for no specific reason, and look forward to days off. Another weakness of mine, although it's a semi weakness, is stress management. I sometimes find it hard to complete numerous tasks at a certain time limit, because time for me is limited. Not getting things done builds up stress and causes aggravation. .
             A career that will suit my strengths would be one where I pick my own schedule. A schedule that is based on not just being at work, but more of how much work there is to be done. So if today, for instance there's a little amount of work to be done, then I"ll come at a later time and leave earlier as compared to other days where I"d work a longer days. A career where I can constantly come up with new ideas and implement them around my working field and onto others. .
             My goal is to someday work for a major corporation as a manager or supervisor dealing in sales and acquiring new clients. I want to get in the most profitable field, which never looses value- real estate "wholesale". I want to be buying and selling property to other businesses and firms that want to make money from the property they buy. I want to invest in property over seas and build up my reputation internationally. My mission is to travel and get important clients from around the world.

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