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             When two persons are in love, wanting to spend rest of their life together, wanting to have kid, and to have a career together, those are the original definitions for marriage. But in nowadays, marriage does not always base on love. Marriage can also be proceeding because of financial and family factors.
             Many people get married today because of financial purpose. A woman married a man could be because she needs financial supports from the man or a man married to a woman simply because her father is a rich business man. Pure love we see in the movies "Titanic" and "Romeo & Juliet" is very seldom in today's society. Moreover, many parents interact with their son/daughter's marriage by looking at his/her boy/girl friend's financial ability; therefore, a financial factor plays a big roll in marriage today.
             As I said in paragraph 2, parents can decide on their own son/daughter's marriage. So family can be a big influence on people's marriage. Some of the modern parents are still racist; they don't want their son/daughter to marry with a race that is different from them. For example, Canadian parents might not want their son/daughter to marry an African native although if they are in love. Some parents want their son/daughter to marry a man/woman with high education or good financial status. The movies "Titanic" and "Romeo and Juliet" also can be good examples on how family matters can be involve in people's love relationship. As you can see, people's families often decide marriages.
             Today, financial status and family matters are the two big factors that can cause a marriage without pure love. A man with a rich background can get a wife just by using his money. It's very rare to see a black marrying to a white and still can have a happy family. This are the problems we have today in our society with money and racism, we should stop it by trying to place love as a more important reason to a marriage than money and families.

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