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             Marriage is a social sign of unity and love between two people. Although there are many steps to the process of getting married, the result is unforgettable.
             After dating for a while, you began to notice certain qualities in a potential mate. Once you feel that this certain someone has all the qualities that you need and want in a lifelong partner, you begin to discuss the feelings concerning marriage. If all seems well, you are now ready to propose to that special person.
             During the course of the engagement, all issues concerning lifelong plans and a lasting future should be discussed and cleared. Both sides should know exactly what they are geting into. All likes and dislikes should be taken into close consideration, along with future goals.
             Today we see a lot of divorce and unhappiness in many marriages. Mainly because people do not take the time to know that person spiritually, mentally or physically. Many couples never get to know their mate as a person, but as an object. Based solely on how that person looked,spent money ar how that person made them feel physically.
             A loving, lasting marriage should be built on loving your mate personally, universally and most of all unconditionally. You should love the way that person walks,thinks,speaks and feels. You should love that person in every way that one sex could love the opposite sex. You do not have o love all they do, but you can come to an equality by putting the positives over the negatives.

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