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George Gordn

             The English poet George Gordon Noel Byron, 6th Baron Byron (1788-1824), was one of the most importatnt figures of the romantic movement. Because of his works, active life and physic beauty , he became to be considered the personification of the romantic poet hero. George Gordon Noel Byron was born on Jan. 22 1788, into a family of fast-decaying nobility. He died on April 19, 1824 in Missolonghi, Greece. On trhe death of his granduncle in 1788, Byron inherited the title and estate. After 4 years at Harrow, he went to Trinity College, Cambridge, where he became conscoius for the first time of the discrepancy between the loftly aspirations of idealism and the pretty realities of experience. .
             The poem he wrote "She Walks in Beauty" is one of Byron's most famous poem. It is obvius that this poem is somewhat of a love poem , expressing how beautiful this woman is that lord byron is looking at. She combines opposites in perfect proportions in her personality. Whether it is a true declaration of love or a statement of admiration is left to you to yall to think about, since it's known that this poem was about his cousin, Mrs. Wilmot, whom he met at a party in a mourning dress of spangled black. He describes a night with bright stars and compass this woman to that night. She brings together these opposites in her beauty and creates a "tender light". Not a light like the daytime, since he describes that as gaudy , but a light that "heaven" doesn't even honor the daytime with. Byron describes light and dark coming together in her appearance(or "aspect").
             After reading and researching information on George Gordon Noel Byron. I found out a lot of things about him. He accomplished many goals while he was alive. He wrote a beautiful poem. And I understanded it a lot. He was not a romantic poet, he just writes what come to his mind. .

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