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To What Extent was There opposition towards the Nazi Party?

             The following report investigates opposition towards the Nazi party, focussing particularly on the 1943 White Rose movement. Prior to popular belief, at the height of Nazi popularity, Hitler only won 37 percent of votes at the elections (i.e. less than half of the German public's votes) . From this finding, I have concluded that there surely would have been opposition to Hitler's swift claim of power, though relatively little information is known about this. Hence, I have chosen this topic with the aim of exploring and collecting information on reasons for resistance towards the Nazi Party, on details of a group of resistance (the White Rose) and briefly, on reasons why they did not succeed. In order to write a thorough report, it is crucial to investigate several primary and secondary resources so as to gauge an impartial assessment of the situation at the time.
             Range of Opinions:.
             For the purpose of this report, I have consulted various secondary resources and have found that they are, on most part, consistent with each other in recording details of the White Rose movement. All sources describe the views of opposing sides, that is, the Nazi party and members of the White Rose. Whilst Muchener Neuete Nachricten of the Nazi Party describes the White Rose movement as "shamelessly committed offences against the armed security of the nation.by distributing treasonous leaflets. by despicable criminals.", Kurt Huber, a White Rose member, described their efforts as a means to simply "rouse the student body. to urge them, not to violence, but to moral insight into the existing serious deficiencies of our political system." .
             Upon the course of this research, I have also come across different people's opinions on Hitler. Whilst some people loyally supported Hitler and regarded him as "not only a Fuhrer but also a saviour. and we are not able to express our thanks in words." Others shared Bishop von Galen's view as he commented on the injustice of Hitler's killings, ".

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