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            Much could be said about this beguiling event. After all, this was what caused the dramatic changes in Europe. If it were not for The Crusades which took place between the years of 1095 and 1291, Europe in the ancient times, would still be Europe before then. For lack of better words, The Crusades were appalling, yet gratifying.
             Although we cannot be certain who started the Crusades, our people are determined the Muslim Turks started it. Most would think that their fight was worthwhile; the Catholics certainly agree. And yet, others are wretched by what occurred. Devastatingly, this war that started because of religion, caused more harm than good. The Byzantine Pope, had more reasons than what he gave, reasons that would make the war seem even more worthwhile than what in reality it is. At the time, it seemed that this Holy War was for all the right reasons. However, the motives of this Pope were questionable. Was the war really started by the Muslims, or was it the Pope's lack of self-control and greed that persuade an entire nation of Catholics to fight a useless war? This question is debatable in everyway, even though the Catholics here would deny it through their teeth. It is hard to say whether the Crusades could have been prevented or delayed, for wouldn"t this abominable, fruitless war be fought at some point anyways? The Pope of Byzantine states that this war would not only stop the attack of the Muslims, but would help discontinue the riotous Nobles, who were rapidly becoming a problem for the Kingdoms and the Catholic Community. Persuaded into partaking in the Crusades by impossible and unsure promises of eternal life and the likes, and crude threats, the citizens thought they were committing an act divulged and wanted by God, for the good of the all. Abysmally, they were wrong, because, with regret we report that many deaths resulted from this unproductive endeavor.

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