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            I chose the trumpet and it is from the brass section of the Orchestra.
             * There was a long instrument called the Buising it was from Europe, years later it was made shorter. In the 1400s the instrument was shaped like an s'. Then again, years later it was changed into a loop. In 1820 inventors of the trumpet added valves so you can get lots of different sounds. Most trumpets now have the same notes so you don't have to learn new fingering. So from the early Buising they made the modern trumpet!.
             * The trumpet is a member of the Brass family. They produce their sound by the player buzzing their lips while blowing through a funnel liked mouthpiece. To get a higher or lower sound the player adjusts the opening of his or hers mouth. The mouthpiece connects to a length of brass tubing. The shorter the tubing length the smaller trumpet but the but much higher sound. And the longer tubing means the opposite (larger trumpet But a lower sound.) Overall the trumpets tubing can go for about 6 ½ feet. The player presses on the three valves. Trumpets are normally made of brass or other metal, and are usually silver-plated.
             The trumpet uses the treble clef ( g' clef).
             * These are the names of two trumpet players in the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.
             William Evans.
             Julie Payne.
             Louis Armstrong.
             Louis Armstrong was born in the poorer section on New Orleans in 1901. Over his years he had lots of nicknames because he was always talking and never shut up. He got such names as Gatemouth, Dippermouth and Satchelmouth. They were the most popular throughout his career. Incredibly, Armstrong had an average of three hundred concerts a year, that means that he only had sixty-five days off per year, and even then he had to practice - I find this amazing! As well as playing the trumpet and doing concerts, Armstrong also acted in over thirty movies. He was a gifted actor and he was very happy about his life.

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