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Oranizational Problem

            Some companies don't believe in the following statement "You are a valuable employee who we want to keep. We've all noticed the change in your performance. If there's something going on here at work that is causing this, we want to know so we can stop it. If it's something in your personal life, we can arrange for a personal leave of absence, employee assistance program, or something else. How can we help you?" Those simply words can solve a lot of problems; build a wonderful worm relationship between the employee and the company he work for. And I will explain why I mention this statement later in this paper.
             A fifteen-year production employee with a very good work and attendance record whom, during the last month her production has gone in the tank. Within the last three weeks this employee has had more returned job for re-working than approved one. Ugly rumor came out that the employee has health problem and she can't perform in her position. The employee firmly maintained that the production problems are not health related but it's a stress problem because of the pressure the company put them under. While her supervisor see this problem as a poor quality work and not doing enough work, and she must be moved to another position with less responsibility and cut in her salary.
             By reading quality control report about the return jobs the employee involved at, and all technical errors, the supervisor starts the meting with his employee, and then he moved to how much the company lost regarding those returns. Moving to the company police of accepted error margin for each employee in each department, he start reading the police using a lot of human resource terminology like performance discrepancy, the company performance standards, and corrective of action for poor quality work. He was organize in telling her all the truce about the company police regarding the poor work, he was so clear in mention all the mistakes she made during the last two or three weeks, he was acting as a lawyer not a supervisor to one of his staff member this was my feelings.

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